First time buying a home? Preparation is the key! Learn the process that will give you the edge when negotiations get tough, and "Ask Angela" to represent you in one of the most important transactions you'll be involved in.


There are some pretty great reasons to use a real estate agent when you're buying your first house, or ANY house for that matter!  Here are a few:


1. My services are FREE to buyers! 

I get paid by the seller, and unlike some agents, I do NOT charge any transaction fees for my buyers.  All I ask for is your loyalty once we start the buying process.  


2. First-time buyer loan programs - I can help you secure grant money if you qualify!

Many first-time home buyers can qualify for thousands of dollars in down payment assistance, however not all lenders participate in these programs.  I've got the "inside scoop" on who does and who doesn't.  Many people who thought they would never be able to afford a down payment have gotten into homes with this program and my help!  I can also help you save money when buying your first home because I'll do a market analysis to ensure you don't pay too much!


3. I can save you time!

Statistics prove that you'll be more successful finding your dream home at the right price and without wasting time when you work with a real estate agent.  Our first step is to get you pre-approved for a loan so we can search for homes more efficiently.  Check out the mortgage calculator page so you can get an

idea of what kind of payments you'll have at different price points.  Learn what "PITI" is too!


Get Your FREE Credit 

Building Strategies List!

4. I do the "dirty work" for you.

I'll be doing a market analysis on your selections and negotiating on your behalf.  The seller will most likely have an agent representing them.  Do you want to go up against that by yourself?  My job is to work for you on YOUR behalf to ensure you get a fair deal and a solid investment.


5. Credit is Critical!  I've seen the good, bad and ugly, and I can help...

If you think you'll never be able to qualify for a home because of your credit score, or lack of credit, I am here to tell you it is possible.  Let me ask you this:  Two years from now, would do you want to be without a home like you may be right now, or would you rather be a homeowner starting build equity and a "nest egg" for your future?  If you prefer the latter, then it is NEVER too late to start trying to improve your credit score.  The average time if you do NOT pay a service to work on your behalf is anywhere from six months to about two years.  Longer if you have bankruptcies or settlements in your history.  Even then, it is not impossible!  Just get to work by filling out the form and my FREE "10 Strategies for Building Your Credit" document will be emailed to you.  You have nothing to lose, and I promise I won't be hounding you with emails or solicitations.  I just want to help YOU get a home, and I want to make my job easier when you are ready to purchase, should you decide to use me!


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