And what's the fun of doing anything if you don't do it with people you love, and make you laugh all day?  I've got a drone pilot who doesn't want me to use his name until he gets his license, a bookkeeper who likes to break out in songs from the 70s when you least expect it, the most freakishly talented home decorator, and of course my crazy husband.  It's no wonder these people have become some of my "besties!"


My team consists of professionals who back me up at every step. When I hire a professional, YOU get the benefit!  One of the things I love about working for Dale Sorensen, is that they require professional photography for their listings.  This is a sentiment I have shared from the start of this career and I admit, I am the luckiest realtor in the world because I am married to my favorite photographer! When you're in real estate and your husband is a professional architectural photographer, it's like winning the lottery!  


He's pretty humble about his abilities too.  He use to shoot for SPACES magazine and won two Addy awards for two different cover shots he did, but he will never tell you that.  I'm not afraid to brag about him though, or do shameless plugs for him - like when he's not doing amazing photography, he prints large-format fine art canvas prints (called "giclées") for master portrait photographers and artists from around the country.  He does it at his shop called ChromaZone Ink.  

Photographer Brian Abrahamson

Mr. No-Name

drone-pilot guy

"Paula - La -La"

Tammy "take THAT, Martha Stewart!"

Brian after dealing with me on an all-day photo shoot

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