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Updated: Sep 30, 2018

As a West Melbourne resident, I almost hate to publish this because this city has been one of the best kept secrets in Brevard County! But - it has apparently been discovered because W. Melb is now Brevard's fastest growing city. Even with all this growth, we still have the second-lowest tax property tax rate in the county and is ranked as one of the 50th safest cities in Florida, according to backgroundcheck .com.

Upcoming projects will only make this city easier to navigate and continue to grow:

1) Starting any day now FDOT will be constructing a third and southernmost I-95 interchange. Slated to be completed in Spring of 2021, Ellis Road will be extended across I-95 and connect with St. John's Heritage Parkway, which will be lengthened as well. This will give direct interstate access to the Melbourne Airport.

2) On deck is the Minton Road Town Center which has been in the planning stages for years. There's no hard construction start date yet, but the goal of this project is to give West Melbourne its own "Downtown" along the Minton corridor and prepare us for the third large-scale project that is currently in its embryonic stages.... the "Space Coast Town Center..."

3) The Space Coast Town Center is just past conceptual now, and landowners are in the process of applying for zoning changes to include more residences. This series of new developments will be on the west side of I-95 and extend from the southernmost boundary of West Melbourne to the Ellis Road area. It is highly dependent upon the completion of the new interchange mentioned above.

West Melbourne city planners have learned a lot from other cities' mistakes and it is clear they are taking their time with extensive planning, research and public input workshops. I for one, am ecstatic about the value of my own property rising as these projects are implemented. It is no wonder that almost any West Melbourne property that goes up for sale gets snatched up pretty quickly! If you're interested in the West Melbourne area, "Ask Angela", it's my stomping ground! 321-750-3784.

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