DIY Tip: Use the Right Paint & Roller

Well here you go! Now I KNOW you'll sleep better tonight because that fixer you just purchased & intend to flip is going to need lots of paint! So be prepared with the right tools! As of today, I finally know which type of paint roller to use, and what paint sheen is best for each project. I can't find the author of this magazine article to credit him or her, but it came from a colorful and a merciless snail-mailed attempt to make me a subscriber.

They won.

So we can all look forward to more information like this each month when my new mag arrives! I'll happily share it with you on this blog, but you'll have to deal with my opinions as well... ;-)

FLAT Paint - "Best for walls & ceilings in any room except the kitchen and bath," (or so they say, but I disagree!!!) "This sheen hides imperfections & can be easily touched up. It's ideal for damaged or heavily textured surfaces"...But if you "Ask Angela"... I would only use it on ceilings. I have "builder flat" paint on my newer construction walls and when I sponge them clean, the paint comes right off! That doesn't happen with Satin/Eggshell!

Eggshell/Satin Paint: "Use anywhere you use flat paint. However, eggshell can also be used in the kitchen & bath & is easier than flat to wipe clean."

Semigloss: "...Necessary in high-traffic, high-touch areas. Its easy-to-clean finish works well on doors, trim & shelving."

Gloss: "This finish fights dirt & mildew and is more water-resistent than the rest. It's a breeze to clean, so use it on your doors, trim, shelving & kitchen cabinets or in your mudroom or bath."

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